Next week: What was that site with photos of librarians on drugs?
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I've been trying to re-discover two websites that I've found before but have now utterly lost. One was a photo gallery of people in drug-induced altered states, and the other was a repository of name pronunciations curated by librarians.

The first was a gallery of portraits by (I believe) a German photographer who took pictures of non-drug users taking a drug under controlled conditions. It was really wild stuff--and why someone would, for instance, smoke crack!?!, for someone else's art project is beyond me. But fascinating all the same. The photos themselves were part of a real-world gallery show that first saw in a magazine, likely while I was in college in the mid 90s--the project did not originate with a LJ or Flickr post.

The second was an index of pronunciations of proper nouns that I found to substantiate my (correct) assertion that Jim Jarmusch's name is pronounced "JAR-mush" and not "jar-MOOOOSH." But the site indexed many more names--not just of celebrities, but geographic names, literary characters, etc. The list was posted by some librarian group, I believe--but I have no recollection of whether it was the Intergalactic Cabal of Librarians or the Podunk Junior College Reference Librarian Triumvirate.

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Best answer: Say How?
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Best answer: Forvo?
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Best answer: There's also this one: Authors pronounce their own names.
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Best answer: Oh, man, I remember the drug photographs, but I cannot for the life of me recall WHERE I saw them. If it helps, I remember that the same photographer also did an exhibit of photos of ordinary people with semen on their faces (the dude loves controversy, apparently...).
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Best answer: The drug series is probably by Ashkan Sahihi.
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Best answer: Searching around after snowdrunk suggested Ashkan Sahihi I found the Drug Series on a Spanish-language blog. Here's info on the series.
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Best answer: huh, i remember seeing those drug portraits in maybe 2002, in NYC at PS One. Can't remember who the artist's name was though..
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Best answer: Drug portrait series with photographer's commentary here.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone.

Portraits: That's definitely the series--and I'm so glad MonkeyToes came up with that link, because I remember reading his commentary wherever it was that I originally saw the series. I still cannot believe that he got these people to participate. Totally fascinating and voyeuristic.

Pronunciations: Say How? comes closest to what I remember--but I'm not entirely sure that's the one. But maybe. All three pronunciation sites look like useful resources, though, so I'm giving them all best answers, too.

Hooray for everyone!
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Thanks for the best answers, Admiral Haddock. If you do come up with the original pronunciation site, please post here or shoot me a MeMail!
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