How to stream specific radio stations from thousands of miles away, with my Android phone.
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How can I listen to a little piece of Newfoundland while in Ohio, via my Android phone?

I just bought an HTC Incredible smartphone (my first smartphone!) and I love it! Being able to stream Pandora through my car stereo while traveling is a thing of amazement.

Today, I was wondering if there was some way for me to stream the live audio from 2 radio stations in my old home of Newfoundland, Canada (I live in Athens, Ohio currently).

One of the stations (OZFM) has a link on this page where you can listen to their live radio feed.

The other station (VOCM) has their streaming audio on this page :

I tried using my phone's web browser to click on those links, but it doesn't seem to work that way - nothing seems to happen.

Is there any other way that I could possibly get access to these stations through my phone?
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Best answer: WunderRadio lists them both (through RadioTime, which I think converts incompatible streams to mobile formats).

I've just tested them successfully on my iPod touch. There's an Android version.
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Response by poster: Beautiful, holgate, thank you so much - WunderRadio did the trick!

Now it'll be nice to have a little bit of a connection to home as I drive. Isn't technology amazing?
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Or just seed Pandora with Great Big Sea, maybe? ^_^
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