Figuring This Out Is Complicated
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Viral Marketing Filter: I have seen several billboards locally with messages such as "My Life Is Complicated" and "Molecular Biology is Complicated". They are red with a white oval box in which the first two words are written. The "is complicated" part is written on the red background. Does anyone know what these are about?

I am in North Florida if it makes a difference. I tried googling this, but the phrase "is complicated" seems to bring up a lot of extraneous results.
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I found this googling "is complicated" +billboard. Apparently it's a mystery (?).
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my guess, after reading quadrilaterals' link, is that it is for some church.
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It looks like AT&T orange to me.
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If it is for a church or other belief system, I bet it's a slightly more open-minded one that wants to dispel misconceptions or something. "It's complicated" seems a lot more forgiving than "No, it's not, it says it right here in Leviticus."

That said, it does have a "phone company orange" look to it.
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"it's complicated" is from facebook in reference to the relationship status.
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These ads seem so familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on why. I'd bet in a week or two there will be follow-up ads saying "...but ____ doesn't have to be," or something similar, and the reveal will be for a related product or service.

Teaser ads are pretty common in outdoor advertising because they generate buzz and speculation like this. There will probably be a reveal soon enough, and it will be for something totally mundane like a new wireless provider.
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Best answer: It's the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.
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From carmicha's link:
Those billboards are part of a marketing campaign by the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Wednesday, the other half of the message will begin appearing: “Take it SymphonEasy.”
Fo' sheezy.

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Response by poster: Good find, Carmicha.

I sing in the symphony chorus but I didn't know anything about this.
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