NYC for me and 50 of my students
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Cultural activity in NYC on Oct. 8?

The possibilities seem endless so I'm turning here for help again. Once again I will have about 50 17-18 year olds with me and I need a cultural activity of some kind (music, dance, theatre) for the Friday night. I'm looking to keep costs under $50/person. We are staying near Times Square but can take transit to get elsewhere. We'll be seeing the usual suspects (MoMA, Met, Brooklyn Museum etc) over the weekend.

Last year I followed up on the suggestion of the American Repertory Theatre and we went to see Sleep No More. It was fantastic and I did look like the coolest teacher in the world. I'm hoping to keep my reputation.
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I assume there is no way you can justify taking them to New York Comic Con, is there?
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October 8th puts you right in the middle of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.
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Response by poster: I can justify taking them just about anywhere as long as there is some element of "culture", so yes, Comic Con would qualify.
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Well, this year, the New York Anime Festival is happening at the same venue, so you can do a compare-and-contrast of Eastern and Western comics, maybe?
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This isn't for Friday night, but in addition to the "usual suspects," that weekend is Open House should see if anything on their schedule would work for your group. There are lots of unique places opened up that weekend that would normally be closed to the public.
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Ack, sorry, wrong link. Here you go: Open House NY.
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If it's a trip to New York from far away, I'd do something you can only do in New York. Our comic con is not distinctive from cons that happen all over the country, AFAIK.

What about an art opening, or getting a gallery to stay open late for a private event for your students? You might even be able to rope in an artist talk, if it's a smallish venue/unknown artist.

The main obstacle here would seem to be finding a small enough venue to provide affordable tickets, but something large enough where there would be 50+ seats available.
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Open House New York is great but a lot of the spaces/tours aren't big enough for 50 teens at once so it might be difficult to find one to accommodate such a big party.

The ones that require reservations fill up fast; the ones that don't take them can have very long lines.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. The Open House weekend is amazing and we have already built it into our trip - sorry, should have mentioned that. The Comic Con may work out for Sunday when we have some free time, but it looks like it closes fairly early on the Friday. I had a look at the Musical Theatre Festival and will do some more research on the titles. I appreciate all the input.
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Our comic con is not distinctive from cons that happen all over the country, AFAIK.

I wouldn't say that at all. NYCC is the second biggest event in the industry, trumped only by SDCC.
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If you want to see the Brooklyn Museum Friday night, they're open until 10. And that Sunday night is the Thelemic Mass at Aiwass Temple No. 8... which is certainly a cultural activity of some kind...
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