More "Pathologic" than "Doom"
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A while back, I encountered the work of a painter whose work included striking vistas of Hell. Now I can't remember who it was.

His hallmarks included a limited palette of yellow or browns; landscapes which were more 'ultimately dismal' than 'horrific'; and a general absence of the by-the-numbers unpleasantness of other people who have tackled the subject. The general feeling was of malaise and despair rather than visceral disgust. I seem to remember that he was eastern European, probably early- to mid-Twentieth Century.
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Perhaps it was earlier, say Hieronymus Bosch?
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Response by poster: No, it wasn't Bosch; I'm familiar with him, and his Hell is anthropomorphic. The painter I am looking for was essentially a landscape painter, and his landscapes are dismal and monochromatic.
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Best answer: Maybe Beksinski?
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Response by poster: That's him, lovecrafty. Thanks!
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Just so you know, Beksinski is discussed in the thread you linked to about Karl Persson.
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Response by poster: Yes, he arose in that thread after I posted my question.
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