Can I lend a collection of art books?
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[LibraryFilter] Can I lend a collection of art books to a library?

I have inherited my mother's collection of art books. They're not particularly rare, but some of them are 30+ years old and from different countries around the world. It isn't a huge collection, maybe a large bookcase in total, but I have nowhere to put these things. I don't want to sell them or donate them, and I'd rather not put them in storage until I move somewhere I have space to keep them. None of my friends want to hang onto them for me; we all live in cheap apartments in NYC and space is a premium.

Someone mentioned to me that I may be able to lend these books to a library, possibly at an art school, and have them returned to me at a later date. Does that happen? Can I do that? Anyone have any NYC-based resources to handle this?
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In every case I know of, lent materials have been unique/interesting/sought after enough that the library would do a special display for a month or three.
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Unfortunately, being in New York City may actually work against you in this case. The libraries there have access to some of the coolest, rarest, and largest private collections in the world. As a result, they may or may not be interested. You might have more luck if you broadened your search to the surrounding areas.
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I would give it a shot. I work at the huntington public library on long island and we stored the local art places collection here which was available to the public. They recently just came and picked them up.

So give it a shot. It cant hurt to try.
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I know that when I worked at the University of Michigan library, some of the books on course reserve were loaners from instructors, so it definitely happens. If nothing else, it's worth asking some schools... the worst they can say is 'no', I presume.
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