Urban scavenger hunt - can skill win over speed?
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My boyfriend and I signed up to do an urban scavenger hunt next weekend - tips/advice for the middle aged and/or out of shape?

My beau and I signed on to do the Seattle Challenge next weekend, and I have no idea what to expect (except for having fun, of course).

We are 40 and 46, and I'm completely, 100% out of shape. He's more fit, but neither of us are running any marathons, if you know what I'm saying.

I know we'll have a blast regardless, but is the fact that we won't be running/jogging anywhere going to completely screw us, or is there more "skill" than speed involved?

I don't mind losing at all, I just don't necessarily want to be coming in 13 hours after everyone else.

Any tips/advice welcome in general (things to bring besides iPhone/GPS/camera/water) would be appreciated, too, if you've done one of these before.
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Response by poster: Crap, my link didn't work: Seattle Challenge
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It surprises me, I'd think more mefites would be into these kinds of things, but judging from the few answers in this thread from a few months ago, they're not - or they're keeping their good hints to themselves ;-)

Good luck!
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A friend of mine operates one of these things that makes the rounds nationwide. The people who generally win (here, at least) have a "support" team to help them solve the riddles while they run around.

The races seem to be a decent mix of physical ability and ability to solve the clues. The last time it was here, I think the optimal route was something like 5.5 or 6 miles. If you can't get the clues in the right order, that could easily turn into 10 miles or more.
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1. Have both of you read all the instructions VERY carefully before doing anything.
2. Have both of you look at the map very carefully before doing anything.
3. Take the time to carefully plan your route; it will make you much more efficient (and possibly faster) than the teams that go blasting off without planning.
4. If it's legal, try to have someone sitting in front of a computer with a phone during the race. They might be able to help you.
5. Google around to see if you can find race reports from previous years and read them, they may give you clues about what to expect.

Have fun!
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Response by poster: Well, we did it - we stopped for 2 beers along the way, it took 4.5 hours and we came in third to last, but we did it! It was really fun, I recommend it for something interesting to do on a Saturday.

Had we not stopped for the beers we estimated we would have come in about the middle of 130 teams, which ain't too bad for oldsters like us.
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