Insuring the goods (photo/video)
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Photographers and videographers: How are you insuring your gear? I've started to look into insurance for my recently-acquired DSLR, and I'm having trouble finding insurers that cover photo equipment, particularly equipment that goes to other countries with me.

So far I only have $3500 worth of stuff; is that too smalltime to be covered? I do use the camera for business, so a home-insurance rider won't be sufficient. I know people with great musical-instrument policies that cover all sorts of travel and work situations at a yearly cost of 2% of the gear's value (and a $100 deductible per item), so I guess I'm hoping to find that kind of situation.
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What you're looking for is called an "Inland Marine" policy. It's hideously expensive, and you're much better off self-insuring for the short term... until you get enough equipment that it would be a catastrophic loss. Last I checked, only State Farm would cover me with this kind of policy.

If you're doing photography as a business, there may be some other ways to approach insurance via business liability, equipment loss insurance ... but I don't know anything about that.
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I recently had about 5 grand in camera gear stolen in Costa Rica. I did use it for business, but, also for personal use of course. I didn't insure it because it is really freaking expensive to insure this stuff if it's for a business. Anyway, my insurance covered the theft through my homeowners policy. But, I wasn't 100% honest.
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I also use my homeowners insurance, and I have also been somewhat less than totally honest about damage / loss circumstances in the past. But it seems the way forward.
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