Montreal fruit picking - can I do this for free?
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I want to pick fruit and vegetables - for free or very cheaply - in Montreal. Is there any organization that exists here that is similar to Toronto's Not Far From the Tree?

I'm hoping to find some sort of group or charity or something that works like this:

Someone with a fruit tree calls the group saying "I have a fruit tree that needs picking";
The group goes and picks the fruit;
A third of the harvest goes to the owner, a third to the picker(s) and a third to charity;
Everybody wins.

Does this exist in Montreal? Or, um, do you live here and have a tree you need picked? Thank you!
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Surprise! It's me! Do you think that Eco-quartier might know about something like that? You know, the folks who do the community gardens? Good luck!
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Sorry, your link to Not Far From the Tree should have gone to here.

You're well ahead of Toronto when it comes to bagels and bike paths, so I hope you have a similar initiative there. Good luck!
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Don't forget, Montreal is significantly colder than Toronto and we have fewer orchards and fruit trees here, except for apples. There are occasional apple trees in back yards but likely not enough to make for the kind of system you describe.

If you want to go apple-picking and have a car you can drive out towards Rougemont and look out for signs, but it sounds like that isn't quite what you mean. Maybe try this question on the Montreal livejournal community if you can, though.
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Sorry this isn't exactly related to Montreal, but I was delighted to find there is an organization in Edmonton that does exactly this.

There are tons of fruit trees that will do well in a colder climate, particularly sour cherries. So good!
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To find unwanted fruit you can try posting a craigslist ad in the "items wanted" section. We put one up this year (in a city that's not especially active on craigslist) and got peaches and pears out of it. The owners of both were happy to get rid of them and not have to clean up rotting fruit from their yards.
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I think waterlily's CL idea is great, and if it works for you, maybe you can see if you can start your own gleaning group in Montreal over the winter. I ran a search for urban fruit gleaning in Google and found several cities that had something going, but nothing for Mintreal.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your amazing ideas! I will definitely craigslist post - never thought of that. Lazy little me just wanted something extra specially easy, where someone else does the coordination and lugging of ladders, and i just show up and pick fruit. But, okay. Thanks all!
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CSA's are almost always happy to have you work as a volunteer, though the sharing scenario you envision won't be quite as generous. Googling for "Montreal CSA," I came up with 3-4 possibilities.
Truth is, food spoils fast. Every place - big and small - that I've ever picked veggies for has sent me home with a bag of produce (sometimes bunged-up, but certainly usable).
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There are tons of fruit trees that will do well in a colder climate, particularly sour cherries.

That's as may be, but Montreal doesn't have many fruit trees whether that's true or not.
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