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Tell me your surefire way of bringing a man to orgasm quickly.

Sometimes sex goes on a bit too long and you're ready to wrap things up. Prostitutes supposedly have tricks for this. What do they know that I don't?
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Erm... doggy style (so I'm told).
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1 hand, some lube, your ass
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Chairboy has it, for me at least. Going at her from behind (anal or vaginal, it doesn't matter) rocks my world.
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Erm, Hot Patatta is of the male flavor so may have trouble with the advice for vaginal sex.
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Men are people. As such, they have individual likes, dislikes, and physiological quirks. You will probably have to figure this out for your particular dude - every one I've been with has some little thing that will set them off; you just have to figure out what it is.

(For that matter, everybody has days when they're just not going to come, or at least not till they're good and ready. There's no magic way to subvert this.)
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Be enthusiastic.
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1 - preventative action, tell your partner not to jerk off with such a tight grip and he'll eventually come more easily.
2 - get really turned on yourself, and be loud - the more you enjoy it, the more he will. Possibly try to come as well, it could be his performance anxiety wanting you to come first.
3 - talk dirty and really get into it (i.e. see #2)
4 - switch to a hand job (or oral) and just love giving it to him
5 - involve a vibrator, a cock ring, or other sex toys
6 - do it in front of a mirror where he can see himself entering you
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The more sensory input the better. Make sure he is thinking about it. Pretty much everything lizbunny said.
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Totally different with different guys. Something that was surefire with Historical Ex #N has no effect, either positive or negative, with Current Dude.

Or: Ask Your Dude.
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Filthy talk. Especially if done during doggy style.
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Prone bone.

In short, she lies down on her stomach with her legs together, and you lie on top, penetrating from behind. The extra tightness from her legs squeezing together and the depth and other elements of the position make it a winner.
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If he's entering you from behind and you reach back and guide his prick from your vag to your asshole, while giving him a nasty look that says you'd like nothing better, he'll be lucky to last 15 seconds.
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1 hand, some lube, your ass

--1 hand, some lube, his ass. Finger-rub his prostate, while you either blow him or jack him with your other hand.

--Tuck a small egg-shaped vibrator into your palm, lube up his dick and give him a handjob with vibration.
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Firm, steady, not-fast, full-length strocking, combined with firmly holding the balls down with your other hand, is the standard way Asian "massage therapists" end their sessions "on time". I've heard.

From personal experience, if I'm not well hydrated, the odds are against my body voluntarily geysering.
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Finger up the butt + oral stimulation of the underside of the glans.

Or so I've heard.
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Hand job. Grossly underappreciated, which is sad because it's not really like self-masturbation in a way that's difficult to describe. They don't call it a "happy ending" for nothing. (Oh, and WRT prostitutes: not speaking from personal experience here, but I understand that their favorite way of ending a session quickly is "pimp banging on the door, yelling that their time is up.")
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If doggy style is out of the question, then definitely hand job. IAmBroom has it right.
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Be enthusiastic.

This is about as close to universally true as you can get.
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Why has nobody suggested deep throat..?

Deep throat (stick dick in mouth as far as you can take it - make swallowing motions) + lick underside with tongue gets them off.
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Hand job with copious amounts of lube. Insert finger in ass as needed.
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