Help me find this Barcelona nightclub again!
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I would love to find this great Barcelona hidden bohemian opera cocktail bar again, can anyone help?

A few years ago while on vacation in Barcelona I was taken to this bar/lounge in El Born. What was special/unique for this place was that after they opened (usually around 11pm or so) they had some singers entertain with scenes from popular operas which everyone enjoyed with a cocktail in a great bohemian lounge.

I'd like to visit this place again but for the life of me I can't remember the name or its exact location. It had no connection to El Liceu (the BCN opera house), but was just a great hidden space. I know this is a long shot of a very specific venue, but if anyone out there could help it would really help me have a great vacation.
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Best answer: Palau Dalmases. See also: here.
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Sorry for the snark from Lonely Planet; I meant to link to these photos so you could see if you recognized it.
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Response by poster: That's exactly the one! Thanks so much! I really enjoyed it, and I hope to get there again in October. I can really recommend this experience to anyone visiting Barcelona.
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