What blog service plays nicely in a subdomain?
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I have an existing website/domain and would like to *quickly* add a blog, probably at blog.myexistingdomain.com. What blogish services make this easy?
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Pretty much any of them should do this. I know Blogspot does.
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Most hosting companies offer an option for "one click" installation of blog software, like Wordpress. I'd check that first--it's super fast and easy.
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Wordpress, too.

But in general, I think this is more a function of your host and hosted file structure rather than the blog platform you choose.
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Tumblr has a simple setting for exactly that.
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Nthing what shamash said.

You might also be able to use simpleScripts.
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Response by poster: I like/use python and have no desire to faff about with php-based honkery. Python FTW.
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blogspot, tumblr, or wordpress.com all have the capability to give you hosted service pointing at whatever domain (or subdomain) you want. They manage the CMS, you just have to do the DNS stuff and add to the configuration. You can get free accounts on all 3 of these services and see which one has the clearest interface and instructions on how to do so. They're all pretty clear cut. Though I *think* the wordpress version costs money for using a custom domain. Not remembering specifically at the moment now though.
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Oh, and if you're a python bigot*, wordpress is in php under the hood, if that matters. no idea what tumblr and blogspot/blogger are written in.

*i say that with love
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Response by poster: >no idea what tumblr and blogspot/blogger are written in.

Probably LOGO.
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If it helps, here's a list of python-based blog software.
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Hold it there sport, I think Tumblr might be written by pythonistas. No need to slam as LOGO. Nary a turtle to be found that I've seen.
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I just throw Posterous out there. If you want to be trendy. Cost = free.
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Are you going to be hacking your blogging/CMS solution?

If no, why does it matter what language it's written in?

If yes, well, you have a list of Python software.
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I did exactly the same with Tumblr. It was dead easy as I just set up a A name record for blog.mydomain.com and changed one setting in their preferences. It was up and running within 5 minutes.

I'm aware that other blogs can support it, so I'd look at how easy they are to use, set up, configure and customise. I looked at the documentation for creating a custom designed site in Blogger and didn't understand a word of it. No wonder that many people just use the standard templates.

On the flip side, the Tumblr documentation (whilst limited) was pretty reasonable, explained everything I needed to know and - above all - made it very simple to integrate into my existing design so that people flipping between my blog and the rest of the site didn't realise that they were running on separate platforms.
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