How to bleach a printed shirt
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Can I bleach a t-shirt without disturbing the print?

I bought a t-shirt from one of those websites that lets you get a customized print on a shirt. I screwed up the settings and accidentally bought a black t-shirt with black print on it.

Is it possible to bleach the shirt without disturbing the print so that the print will actually be visible?
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What is your goal with bleaching the shirt? To turn it white? Because that won't happen. To make it less black? Yeah, maybe. To turn it a gross, blotchy orange? You're in luck!

The print ought to stay just fine, assuming it's professionally screen printed and not one of those cheapo iron-ons.

I would look at this page for tips, paying close attention to this paragraph (halfway down the page):

A very interesting approach is to begin with a new black t-shirt and discharge-dye it, using diluted bleach. The use of bleach on dark-colored dyes tends to produce oddly antique, ghostly, faded results. Not all black clothing will lose color when treated with bleach; some will stay black no matter what you treat it with. You can dye your own shirts, or (in the US) you can buy black t-shirts from Dharma Trading Company which are guaranteed to react to bleach. I have had good luck in bleaching Hanes and Fruit-of-the-Loom brand black shirts. Be careful when working with chlorine bleach, because it is far more hazardous than any of the dyes we use: be sure to have excellent ventilation so that you do not breathe the fumes (at least have a strong fan in a nearby window, blowing air OUT the window, or, preferably, wear a good respirator with acid-gas cartridges), and wear good strong gloves, not the very thin disposable gloves that oven spring a leak.
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I'd give up on trying to soak the whole shirt in a dilute bleach solution. But I recall this tattooed tshirt project, maybe it would interest you. Spray the bleach just around your print. The trick here is to do it lightly, a little at a time, and don't soak the material.
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