What is the "Inner Life Intensive" workshop like at Kripalu Yoga Center?
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Has anyone ever taken the "Inner Quest Intensive" 3-day course at Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA? I'm thinking about doing it and would like to hear what others' experiences were like. Specifically, what did you actually do during the time there -- how were the days structured, what kinds of practices did you experience?

Here is a link to the course: http://www.kripalu.org/program/view/IQ-111/inner_quest_intensive
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I haven't taken that program, but I've been to Kripalu a few times and have had classes with Aruni, who is advertised as leading this class. It is really great--very restorative, with great food, good company, and enlightening programs. Aruni is really awesome. I highly recommend it--but best if you avoid weekends, when it gets a bit overrun with people.
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My sister-in-law has not had classes with Aruni but has the following comments about that centers:
I go back there as often as I can. It's awesome. I didn't do that inner life intensive class though and never had a class with Aruni but the place is awesome. I did Yoga teacher training and I go back for my Massage CEU's. Also- well worth the money. Food there is good, too
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I just got back this weekend from going to Kripalu for the Yoga and Fitness Retreat. It was my 3rd visit there. It is one of my favorite places on the planet.

I haven't done that particular program, but most of them are structured the same way timewise. On your arrival day, there will be an orientation or intro, then on subsequent days, you'll probably have one morning session and one afternoon session and maybe an evening session. They are really good about scheduling stuff so that you have time to take advantage of the other things going on there, like the evening activity, and 6:30am, noon, and 4:15 yoga classes.

And of course, after typing that paragraph out, I read the description and noted this part "The intensive nature of this program precludes participation in other Kripalu events or healing arts services." Also, I'm almost certain if you call or email they'd be willing to send you the schedule. You generally get it as soon as you register for a program.

If I were you, I would definitely strongly consider their suggestion to stay on after the program ends. It's an amazing place.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I should have mentioned, I have been to Kripalu a few times and I completely agree, it's an *absolutely awesome* and incredible place... worth going to anytime, whether for a special class/workshop or just to take some yoga classes, eat amazing fresh meals and admire the incredible views, rejuvenate/reflect/recharge, etc.

It's just this particular class I was curious about. They've been running this "Inner Quest Intensive" course at Kripalu for 25 years, so I was just curious to hear from anyone who's actually experienced it. Googling turned up some general positive comments, but not so detailed. It's sounds like a pretty intense experience and there are 15 hours/day of course-specific time... so it's really structured. (You can't use phones/email/etc for the whole 3 days, etc). I'm definitely intrigued...
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