Why am I developing all kinds of food intolerances?
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I'm developing food intolerances/allergies to a variety of foods. Is there a way to stop it? Should I see an allergist?

For the past five years or so, I've developed food intolerances. The symptoms are itchy mouth and throat, which is uncomfortable but not life-threatening. (Unless I consumed a very large amount of that food.)

It seems like the past year or so, more and more foods have been causing reactions. It started with avocados. Then walnuts, macadamias, watermelons, raw shrimp (which developed into cooked shrimp recently), melons in general, and several more which I can't recall right now.

I'm thankful my allergies are not very sensitive but it's depressing to just keep discovering that foods I love to eat are now off limits. Is there any explanation for this? Anything I can do to stop developing them? Or do I just need to cope. Also, is this anything to see an allergist for?
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Read this. See an allergist.
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Yup, devinemissk has it. OAS sounds like your culprit.
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Allergy shots are a possible defense. I would definitely see an allergist. I would also check out Loren Cordain's work on an anti-auto-immune diet. He recommends avoiding foods that increase gut permeability and through that might lead to reactions. These foods include grains, dairy, and legumes. Of course avoiding those foods might be harder than avoiding those other foods since they are such a big part of the modern diet. His newsletter is very useful, as is his book The Paleo Diet.
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Yes, sounds like OAS, but you should definitely go to an allergist to discuss your symptoms so they can give you a diagnosis specific to those symptoms.

I've had OAS for (to?) a few foods for years now and some things like nuts I avoid completely while some foods like carrots and peaches I can eat, but only if I cook them. For fruit I've learned to heat them 150F (which from my reading online is the temp where most plant proteins are denatured) which keeps them as close to raw as I can go, but again, what works for me might not work for you.
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Yeah, that's probably OAS, and if you haven't read herrdoktor's excellent comment on the blue about it, you should.
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I'd say OAS, but the shrimp is an odd one. Definitely see an allergist about that one. But yeah, my OAS started about 5 years ago with apples. I avoid raw apples and a few things completely, but the list of things that I react to seems to increase by 2-3 every summer. This summer it was watermelon and strawberries (on top of the dozen+ things that cause lip/throat discomfort). I find that if I eat some of the culprits very sparingly (like once ever few weeks at the least) I don't react. But a second or third time will cause flare-ups. Keeping track of what you can eat gets easier over time. Or if I know ahead of time that I'm going to gorge on lots of raw fruits, I'll take an anti-histamine beforehand. I miss eating apples, but at least I have an excuse to eat cooked apples in apple pie. Hell, the doctor suggested it! :-)
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Yes I think Ive posted this in a million threads but-- yes OAS, yes allergist. This will
change your life and in such a good way. To know what these raw suckers are doing to you and how to avoid.
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Another on the OAS bandwagon. Friend of mine has had good results with immunotherapy allowing her to eat avocados again (but nothing else, interestingly).
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Nthing OAS. I've had it all my life, and recently it's taken a turn for the worse, requiring an emergency room trip a few weeks ago. I've done immunotherapy for environmental allergies, but will likely be starting it again after I see a new allergist next month.

For something that sounds so mild, OAS truly sucks.
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Response by poster: After looking up the symptoms to OAS... wow it makes perfect sense. Thank you!
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