When he turned 34 but who's counting, he couldn't find anyone who wanted to party...
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It's my 34th birthday next Sunday, and my boyfriend and I will be in a city where I don't know anyone. What are some things we can do to make it an enjoyable, special, memorable day?
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you gotta give more information than that. What city are you going to be in? What do you like to do? When you think back to great birthdays, what sticks out in your mind, either for you, or for other people.

Without any other information, go out to dinner and a movie, or a play.
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Find a bar you like the look of, where people are smiling. Walk in, walk up to the bar and announce to the bartender, "We're from out of town, and it's my birthday. Get me drunk!"

Talk to everybody you can find. Be prepared for spontaneous party formation.
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Not knowing the city: splurge (a little/lot) on dinner and a show. Do something odd, unusual or silly you've never done because it was odd, unusual, silly or frivolous, like seeing a comedy show, taking a helicopter, airplane or hot air ballloon ride, or just an odd tour of the town (segways, horseback, haunted places, or land-and-sea vehicle).
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Or get (your picture taken with) 34 things - monuments, people with hats, souvineer magnets.
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plan a metafilter meetup!
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Contact the mods and have them add the name of the city in your original question -- not just posted as a follow-up comment. This is essential, since people who are familiar with that city will click through to answer.
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It wouldn't be Brussels, would it?
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