60s gothic scifi movie title
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I've been searching for the name of a gothic horror movie from the late 60s or early 70s. A number of astronauts land on a planet that is populated by tall upside-down-carrot-shaped creatures that have an infrared eye. One by one the astronauts meet terrible deaths. One astronaut is burned to death by one of the carrot aliens in a very graphic way. Another walks into a sphere that appears near the space craft and is flash-frozen. I recall seeing this gore-fest on television as part of weekly horror/scifi movie time. The movie has some of the same feel as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969). Does this movie sound familiar? Does anyone know the title?
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It's not from the 60s or 70s, but is this what you're thinking of?
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Journey to the Seventh Planet
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I suppose because "Journey to Uranus" sounds, well... vulgar.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, nope and nope for Journey to the Seventh Planet and the other. This film has a very russian feel and has not female love interest to break the brooding quality. Thanks for the thoughts. Someone has to have seen this space radish movie! :-)
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Is it "Invasion of the Star Creatures"?

http://www.bmonster.com/scifi20.html (scroll down)

Also here:


I'm on Safari right now because my computer just died; sorry for the lack of hyperlinks.
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I was going to say The Thing From Another World, which is from the '50s but has some kind of carrot and/or vegetable monster, but it's probably not it. There's a female love interest of sorts and it's not that gory.
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