Recording from hard drive of Toshiba RD X-35 to another Toshiba recorder onto disc?
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How to record from Toshiba dvd player/recorder hard drive to another Toshiba dvd recorder?

AMC channel is now blocked from recording onto disc on my Toshiba RD-X35 dvd player/recorder. I recorded the first episode of "Mad Men" season four, onto the hard drive where it is available to view, but I want to put it on disc. I have a much simpler Toshiba recorder without a hard drive and with many fewer functions, hooked up to the kitchen tv, which records directly onto disc. AMC channel for some reason is not blocked for this process, so I recorded subsequent episodes onto discs using the simpler recorder.
My question is: How do I record from the hard drive of the first Toshiba onto the simpler Toshiba, directly onto discs? I haven't found a hookup that works. I connected the three-headed cords (white, yellow, red) from the output of the first to the input of the simpler recorder, and made sure both recorders were on "Line 1", but when I played the hard drive, the simpler recorder recorded only blank.

There is no "AV" setting for either recorder. There are four lines on the first---Lines 1, 2, 3, and U---as well as "channel 2" setting, but only three on the second recorder---Lines 1,2,3. No matter how I matched up the lines, the second recorder did not pick up the hard drive recording. (Since the remotes for both have many shared functions, I face the recorders in different directions so that the remotes do not overlap in their controls.)

It seems to me that this should work, but I am stumped. I've used the RD x-35 for years---it has acquired "cult" status among techies due to its many editing and recording functions.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks!
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