What to do in New Hampshire?
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I am spending this upcoming weekend in New Hampshire, U.S.A.. Specifically Manchester and Concord. Is there anything specific that I should check out or do while in the area? Only in town for three days.
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They're interesting places. What sort of things do you like to do? I went to the American Museum of Family Camping which was in Concord but they may have moved it. Manchester has a lot of great diners and places to eat including the Red Arrow Diner. Not sure where you're from but if you're not familiar with mill history the mill tours are an interesting way to get a look at the early industry that built up that part of the country.
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You can go see one of the largest permanent Mini-fig scale lego models in the world and learn a bit about the Manchester mill buildings in the process!

It is seriously awesome.
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I like the Lego thing. That could be fun. I'm a big fan of used book-stores and anything folksy: festivals, craft-shows, etc.
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Chez Vachon in Manchester for decent poutine without having to do the trek to Canada.
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There is a weird, kinda cool used bookstore on Route 4 just a few miles east of Concord called Northwood Old Books that you might want to check out. From the road it looks like a little trailer but inside it's a maze of joined buildings with colored lines painted on the floor to help you navigate in lieu of leaving a breadcrumb trail. It's definitely one of a kind.
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Only used bookstore that comes to mind is Lee's Books, here, on Elm Street in Manchester.

The League of NH Craftsmen has retail outlets all over NH; there's one in Concord here. (Unfortunately, you missed the Craftsmen's Fair, which is always interesting. There's a number of agricultural fairs that run this time of year as well, but given your dates of travel you'll probably miss them too.)

There's plenty of nice hiking and boating in the area if you don't mind driving a little bit; if that's something that interests you, I could make some suggestions.
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Stonyfield Farms has tours.

Interesting restaurants:
* Lala's Hungarian
* 2nding the Red Arrow, if you're into that sort of thing.
* The upstairs lounge at Piccola has a good vibe, if you want hip/sexy/dark.

The local alt-weekly, The Hippo.
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I'm making notes in my moleskine, thanks for the suggestions.

Oh and AwkwardPause, I live in Canada, so the poutine is old hat for me. Cheers.
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Henniker, NH (30 minutes west of Concord) has two great used book stores:
- Henniker Book Farm (closed the last Sunday of each month)
- Old Number 6

And I was just about to suggest the Zimmerman House (thank you preview).
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Adam Sandler's boyhood home.
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Skyventure New Hampshire =]
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Granite State Candies has the best ice cream around. They make it on the premises, have a whole bunch of flavors, and pride themselves on the generous portions!

The New Hampshire Historical Society on 30 Park St. has an exhibit of New Hampshire furniture masters until September 9 (New Hampshire is well known for its handmade furniture). Free admission Tuesday through Saturday 9:30-5:00.

The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester is good.

Arnie's Place, in Concord, has some great barbeque (and I say this as someone who grew up in Memphis, TN. On Tuesday nights they have Cruise Night there with lots of antique cars.

I'll post more if I think of them.
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Oh, yeah, if you're in Concord on Saturday there's the Concord Arts Market. It's downtown, off Main St. in Eagle Square (behind the bell). Directly across the street is the Farmer's Market on Congress St.
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Hearing good things about Republic restaurant, but haven't been there myself yet.
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Oh my god, I ate at Republic last week. I had a banana nutella panini thing with a side of blueberries. It was sublime. Their stuff is a little spendy but localvore stuff [well I guess except for the nutella] and oh so delicious.
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Bananas are local to NH, who knew?
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Lake Winnipesaukee is only 30 minutes from here, and it is a beautiful, folksy area with lots of history. Specifically, Wolfeboro NH has great dinner cruises out onto the lake and lots of old inns and museums.

In Manchester specifically I'm partial to the area around the Mill Buildings. The Christa McAuliffe planetarium in Concord is also rather cool.
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Haha-- oh well, I got nothing then :)
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Bona Fide Tattoo at 19 Warren Street, Concord. Doug Mendoza @ Bona Fide did my very favorite tattoo at a convention here in Oregon. If I had any reason to be in Concord, I'd be looking him up for sure.
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This weekend there is a large air show in Portsmouth, NH which will include the Blue Angels.
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Follow up just in case anyone will ever check this out again. Went to the Red Arrow and absolutely loved it. A complete hole in the wall diner but full of great food and warm atmosphere.

Manchester is a great place to live. The architecture of the Mills and all of the gorgeous nature that surrounds the city is worth coming back to. Cheers.
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