Can You Name the Artist?
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Can you identify the artist who made this sculpture, which I believe to be a fountain?

I saw it in Valentino: The Last Emperor and am intrigued, not least because I have a fountain in the garden that looks something like it.

I did find a blog that captions a related photo, "Valentino surrounded by his models in the courtyard of the Palazzo Mignanelli (where Valentino's fashion house resides), c. 2000," but that trail went cold fast.

Any help appreciated!
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Best answer: Rom, Piazza Mignanelli, Centurione von Igor Mitoraj

Igor Mitoraj wurde 1944 in Polen geboren und studierte Kunst in Krakau und Paris. Nach einem Aufenthalt in Südamerika, dessen Kultur und Kunst ihn faszinierte, widmete er sich ausschliesslich der Skulptur und arbeite in Terrakotta und Bronze. Marmor wurde zu seinem Hauptmedium nach einer Reise nach Carrara, in dessen Nähe er 1983 sein Studio in Pietrasanta einrichtete. Seine Skulpturen haben ihre Wurzeln im klassischen Altertum, zeigen jedoch auch postmodernen Einflüsse.

More on Igor Mitoraj. "Mitoraj's sculptural style is rooted in the classical tradition with its focus on the well modelled torso. However, Mitoraj introduces a post-modern twist with ostentatiously truncated limbs, emphasising the damage sustained by most genuine classical sculptures."
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Response by poster: Wow, thank you!
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You're welcome! I plugged"Mignanelli" into flickr and saw the partial face in the results.
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