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What does this recent Onion article refer to?
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Dracula, isn't it?
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Best answer: No, it's a take off of the style of HP Lovecraft. The New England location, vague references to the supernatural, and especially the reference to 'odd geometry' are dead giveaways.
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H.P. Lovecraft's 120th birthday was on August 20. I saw it and assumed it was an homage to him.
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Sometimes a mysterious crate is just a mysterious crate.
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Dracula, Lovecraft, yes. But is there also a possible homage to Stephen King via Creepshow?

It's stenciled right on the side: June 19, 1834 ... and then it says something about "arctic expedition!"
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Reviewing a book that seeks to validate the existence of ghosts through testimony by the upper crust of British society, Borges writes: "the Honorable Reginald Fortescue became a firm believer in the existence of 'an alarming spectre.' As for myself, I don't know what to think: for the moment, I refuse to believe in the alarming Reginald Fortescue until an honorable spectre becomes a firm believer in his existence."

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Well done, juv3nal.

I'd just like to point out that the great Borges was a fan of Lovecraft, and even wrote a Lovecraftian story in homage... which wasn't the one Fortescue appeared in, AFAIR.
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