apple bluetooth keyboard on windows 7
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How do I get my apple wireless (bluetooth) keyboard to pair with my windows 7 Pro 64 bit machine?

I am using a logitech bluetooth adapter, and i've gotten this to work in the past, but after removing the apple keyboard as a bluetooth device I cant get it back. It finds the device, I can click into properties and check the box "drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID) under services, but it times out every time I try to connect. Normally at this point you'd get prompted to enter a pass code, but there's no prompt for it. Just the wait wheel spinning next to "connecting to device..." the finally this error:

adding this device to this computer failed

Adding the device failed resulting in an unknown error. The reported error code is: 0x80004005.

anybody able to get this working. new batteries, plenty of restarts, tried broadcome drives instead.

it seems to me that the last time i got this working i typed similar passcodes on this keyboard and one plugged into windows without being prompted for a passkey, but i could be making that up.

thanks for the help
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I clean-install upgraded my PC to Windows 7 last week.

-I'm installed Bootcamp 3.1 drivers on my Windows 7 PC. You can search online to find out how to extract these drivers from your CD; I think there's a blog post that links both the keyboard and mouse drivers.

-I unpaired the keyboard by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

hope this helps
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So I did install the bluetooth drivers. That doesn't seem to help.

I came across this guide:

How to pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard with Windows 7

So it seems like you do need to enter a pairing code on an existing keyboard, then the same code on your apple keyboard.

One complication for me is that I have the older white and clear plastic version of this keyboard and I'm not totally sure how to reset it as you would with the new version with the dedicated power button.

Need more time with this tonight. I'll check back when I get it working.
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This apple support page has the following advice:

1. Click Add device
2. Switch on wireless keyboard and select it when it appears
3. Click Next and while it says 'Connecting to device' type a pairing code on the Apple Wireless keyboard (e.g. 1234) and push 'Return'.
4. Windows 7 recognizes this as a pairing code and asks for the same code to be entered. (note: you need to use your existing wired keyboard to enter the code, not the wireless keyboard)
5. All done!!

Still not quite doing the job.
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