Seeing my website inside the company
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Apple server gurus? I have a Mac OSX Snow Leopard server question. How to be able to view a company's externally hosted website from inside the company?

I inherited a company using Mac OSX Snow Leopard server. We moved the website away from MobileMe and into an environment that offers PHP etc.

The new website is alive and kicking but when accessed from inside the company the site defaults to a MobileMe error message.

How and where do I fix things so that the correct site shos up?
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What is the error message?
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Response by poster: It redirects to a webpage that says that the website in question is no longer hosted on MobileMe. This only happens inside the company - ie behind their server
posted by chairish at 9:00 PM on August 21, 2010

Sounds like a DNS issue. If that machine is providing DNS for your company, check the machine records to make sure it's not pointing to MobileMe somehow.
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Definitely DNS - your internal DNS servers are serving the old MobileME IP for your company website instead of the new one.
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Several questions:
  1. How are you entering the URL for the public website when you access the site from inside the company? For example, when you see this error message did you manually enter an address into a browser, click on a link from an intranet hosted page, or did you use a bookmark?
  2. What do you mean by "behind their server"? For example, do you mean that the Leopard server is configured as a NAT, router, or split-horizon DNS server for the local network?
  3. What DNS server are the client workstations configured to use (i.e. are the workstations using the IP address of a DNS server supplied by your ISP, the address of a local NAT router that has a DNS proxy, or the IP address of the Leopard server?
Basically, what I'm doing with questions is trying to narrow down where the difference in domain name might be occurring.
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Response by poster: The server sits behind a router. The server is responsible for DNS.

We typed in as is the internal intranet on the local server.
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Yeah, this is DNS. Tip: Internal stuff should be .local, not .com or whatever, just to avoid this sort of namespace confusion.
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Response by poster: So how so I change the DNS on the Mac Server so that the machines inside the network see the website?
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