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I'm looking for the title of a Japanese TV serial, circa 1985.

The setting: fudal lords of Japan are fighting each other for control of the land. The series tells the story of a guy (a farmer?) who rises in rank, becoming a samurai, a warlord, and ultimately Shogun. (Real original concept, eh?)

The series lasted a year, and was viewable on a non-cable channel in San Francisco.

It was not the mini-series "Shogun", based on James Clavell's book of the same name.
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Sounds like the frequently dramatised life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

NHK makes an annual historical "taiga" drama, so it could've been one of those. If it screened in the US in 1985 and it was a taiga drama, I doubt it was made at that time - 1984, 1985 and 1986 saw a trilogy of dramas (Burning Mountains and Rivers, Spring Waves, and Life) focussing on the late 19th / early 20th century Meiji period, rather than Hideyoshi's era of the late 1500s. NHK did make "Hideyoshi" in 1996, but that's obviously much too late to be your TV series. Here's a list of the taiga dramas back to 1963 - somebody will probably have better gugurute than me.
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