She usually barfs on the tile.
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How to remove vomit from a silk carpet?

My cat vomited right in the middle of our silk Persian rug. The vomit is made of Cat Chow and whatever else is in vomit. The rug is made primarily of silk, though I assume it is a silk/wool blend. It was purchased in Nepal (and please forgive and correct me if there's a more culturally respectful name for it than "Persian").

I removed most of the vomit by picking it up with a dishtowel, but there are still spots where the rug pile is matted down with vomit residue (some damp, some dry). Fortunately the color blends pretty well with the brown tones of the carpet. Is there a way to remove what's left of the vomit without damaging the rug? Most Google hits just said what NOT to do to silk.
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One great way to get up pet vomit is to sprinkle baking soda over it, wait a while and then vacuum it up. This has the benefit of not wrecking the weave by wiping. The baking soda bonds with and absorbs the vomit, and also deodorizes.

I would do a spot test in an inconspicuous area first, with a small amount of baking soda and water. I'm just worried it might pull out some of the color.
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