Good reasonably priced upholsterer near Philly?
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Anyone know a good, reasonably priced upholsterer near Philadelphia?

I have 4 chairs that have sentimental value for me, and I'd rather get them restored than buy new ones. 2 are mid-century modern bent-wood armchairs (think IKEA Poang but classier); the other 2 are wooden frame waiting room chairs that were in my grandfather's medical practice.

Does anyone know of a good upholsterer in the area that could give me a reasonable price? I'm in Swarthmore.
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Sandpiper Custom Canvass and Upholstery, East Fallowfield Pa. 610-380-7245
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There are a few very reputable upholsters on fabric row in south Philly. Down 4th street a block or so below Bainbridge. A long time ago I had a chair reupholstered at a shop there. Unfortunately its name escapes me at present. I also seem to recall a shop in Wayne, but YMMV on that one. Good luck
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