Fixing eye-glare in Photoshop
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Anyone know of a really good tutorial for fixing the glare in animal eyes in Photoshop?

My mother took some pictures of deer and they all have glowing green/white eyes. She asked me to fix them up since I'm pretty decent at photoshop. Turned out to be trickier than I thought, and she didn't care for my solution of putting ray-bans on all of them.

I've seen some tutorials, but they seem to be focused on red-eye, or the end result looks really unnatural.

I'm using Photoshop CS if that makes any difference.
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Switch the red and green channels. Use "regular" red-eye methods. Switch the channels back.

To switch channels, make a copy of your top most layer, select the green channel, apply the red channel from the underlying layer to it. then select the red channel (of the topmost layer), apply the green channel from the layer below to that. Alternately, use a channel mixer layer where red = 0%r, 100%g, 0%b and green = 100%r, 0%g, 0%b, and control-alt-shift-e to make a new layer on top of the results. Again, after you've done red-eye correction on that, make a copy of that channel mixer layer on top to switch the channels back.
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I'm sorry I can't help you more specifically, but Mr. Cardanthian is a graphic designer, and whenever he doesn't know how to do something he goes straight to YouTube and searches for it. There are TONS of video tutorials there for pretty much everything. I'd say something like "eye glare Photoshop tutorial" would do you pretty well.
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