This sketch is eluding me on about 9 levels
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Comedy sketch filter. I'm trying to identify an American TV musical comedy sketch in which a man says something like "X is a whole lot easier to be around now that she's getting it regularly" and a woman responds, "Do you know that that offends me on about 9 different levels?" and then goes into a big musical number explaining the levels.

It was from some Saturday Night Live style show, and was probably broadcast in the late 1970s or early 1980s on American TV, certainly not later than 1990. The sketch, in my sketchy memory:

Setting: An office. A group of workers is discussing a female co-worker's current happiness due to her new romantic relationship. We'll call her "Jane." Snide male worker (a Bill Murray type) says something like, "Jane sure is a lot easier to deal with, now that she's getting it regularly." Female co-worker, who in my memory is Glenn Close, but may well not have been, replies, "You know, what you just said offends me on about 9 levels." Snide Bill Murray type says, "Oh really? What are those 9 levels?" Which leads into a fabulous musical number in which the Glenn Close type explains, on generally feminist grounds, each of the levels on which "she's getting it regularly" was offensive.

Can anybody place this? For extra bonus points, and cake, can you provide a link to online or available DVD?
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Best answer: The woman is Glenn Close, the friend is Jon Lovitz and it's from Saturday Night Live season 14 episode 14. The name of the sketch is apparently Nine Different Levels Working on trying to find the episode to stream, but there are other nefarious ways to obtain it. Yarr, etc

Here's a transcript.
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Response by poster: That's the one - Feb. 25, 1989. Amazon reports it not available on DVD, so I guess I'll have to settle for the transcript and my imagination for now. Thanks!
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