Video game recommendation for a lover of Halo, please!
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I like the video game Halo: Combat Evolved and have played it off and on for several years, both single player and multi player mode. I would like another video to game to play that is similar to the campaign Halo: CE, but in very specific ways, but is not Halo 2 or Halo 3.

It's the actions and speech of the marines and grunts that I love the most about the game. The marines talk smack and the grunts quiver and talk smack back. I LOVE THIS, it completely cracks me up laughing and is a large part of the reason why I keep playing the single player version over and over, especially the levels that have the marines. The library would have been bearable if Marines had come along. The Flood are boring to fight because they have no personality.

That said, I'm disappointed that the marines and grunts aren't in the entire game at every stage and also that other villians, such as Elites or Jackals don't speak in anything resembling English, 'cause that would have been AWESOME. Also the marines aren't very helpful and seem tied to only certain parts of certain levels, which is frustrating.

I liked the game play, story line and large outdoor levels which allowed you roam around. Sadly, the levels didn't totally let you roam around, nor could use all of the vehicles in the game, such as alien drop ship or the pelican (without hacking)

tl:dr: I want a game that has all the stuff I like about Halo:CE and as few of the negatives as possible.

What i liked:

Trash talking marines and grunts, that constantly spoke and said what seemed like an endless stream of funny stuff. This is the main feature I'm looking for, background characters that talk and say amusing things throughout the entire game.

The marines were useful and sometimes helped you fight.

The large levels where you wandered all over the place, indoors and outside, using a variety of weapons and vehicles.

The intense gameplay for short periods along with the various different types of enemies

Good story line

Creative limits (only two weapons at a time) which forced you to think and use strategy. I'm not looking to an exact duplicate of this feature, but rather creative limits which force you to think a bit.

What I didn't like:

The marines and grunts were not in the entire game.

The marines seemed a bit constrained in where they could go when they were in the game

Some aliens didn't speak in English, so they may have been saying something funny, but you'd never now.

Restraints on where you could go: For instance, on the island, as you're searching for map to the control room, you could not go down the shaft or across it without hacking. In Truth and Reconciliation, there was no way to get on top of the the 'trenches" you were in, you had to wander through them and shoot you way out. I realize that's part of the game design, but it would have been nice if you could have gotten above it, so there was an additional element of exploration.

So, What other games would you recommend, besides Halo 2 and 3? Platform doesn't matter, if it's good enough game, I'll buy the console. I am in America.
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You basically just described all the things that make Left 4 Dead 2 great.
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It sounds like you want a sandbox game. Check out the latest Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption (aka Grand Theft Horse.)
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Best answer: You want Team Fortress 2. No really. It's a multiplayer FPS like Halo's multiplayer with nine different distinct character classes. Each one is from a different nationality and they all talk smack the entire game. If you dominate another player your character has hundreds of different lines he might say that are hilarious.

Here is a video that introduces you to one of the characters

Meet The Sniper
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Best answer: Yes, both of the Left 4 Dead games have hilarious, somewhat randomized dialogues amid the action (examples). Left 4 Dead 2 has a greater variety of weapons than the first, which doesn't have that many weapons at all. Also, the games are made out of short bursts of intense gameplay. The computer-controlled players are helpful and relatively intelligent.

However, while they both offer some space in which to wander and explore, the levels are all pretty linear and exploration is limited by ... well ... zombies.
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Dragon Age Origins is an RPG with party characters who have conversations as you roam around. They're really well-written and well-acted, and they form their own little stories.

Obviously, it's not an FPS though.
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I am far from expert and have never played any in the Halo series but perhaps Fallout 3 would fit your requirements. One of my favorite things about it is the ability to switch from FPS to third person on the fly. Also the wacky raiders and super mutants smack talking about how they're going to enjoy killing you as you shoot their head off ::head flies off in slow motion::. The only real restraint about where you can go is your ability to survive as you roam.
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2nding Red dead redemption, even though it is 3rd person.

The first FPS that comes to mind is Battlefield Bad Ccompany 2, as your team mates will make small talk as you go throughout the campaign. I would probably rent a copy, though, because while you are only able to carry 2 weapons at a time, your team isn't extremely helpful and enemies aren't as characteristic as Grunts. That being said, BFBC2 is one of my favorite FPSs.

Why not wait for Halo Reach? It comes out September 14th.
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Seconding the recommendation for Dragon Age Origins for lovers of banter. I found myself enjoying the NPC conversations as much as the main plot of the game.
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Also, how could we forget perennial favorite Portal. It only has one other real character, but she's got enough personality to easily carry the game. Not a ton or replay value, but it's cheap, and you can get it and TF2 together. Yes, Portal is a puzzle game and not a FPS, and yes you have no (living) teammates, but I still think you'll like it based on the bits of Halo you enjoy.
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Response by poster: 2nding Red dead redemption, even though it is 3rd person.

Really? I've heard it's great, but does it really have a lot of hilarious banter in the characters?
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Really? I've heard it's great, but does it really have a lot of hilarious banter in the characters?

No. The dialog is well written, but the banter between your occasional and temporary partners is more painful than hilarious.
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Borderlands. You can play single-player or co-op. Kinda goofy fun.
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Borderlands. You can play single-player or co-op. Kinda goofy fun.

There are no player-allied NPCs in Borderlands, so there's no banter. The closest you get are occasional radio calls.

But, the characters in the game are pretty amusing. But they're really only there when you're in town.
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