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How to scrub a carpeted rental apartment of cat residue?

We're moving into a new townhome this September. New carpets and paint were put in last spring, but the previous tenant had a cat between then and now. My wife is allergic -- we committed before we knew about the cat -- but previous experience suggests that once the cat is no longer around and the place has been thoroughly cleaned she won't have a problem.

I'll be in charge of the thorough pre-move cleaning and am looking for advice. Naturally I'll vacuum the carpet and clean the baseboards, as well as clean the vents and scrub the non-carpeted surfaces -- but what else should I do? Are any particularly good products for neutralizing whatever this cat has left behind?
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Ask the landlord about how thorough their between-tenant cleanup is; they might have already done this sort of thing.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have mentioned: we're taking over the lease for this other tenant, who has to move out of town unexpected. We are the between-tenant cleanup. The landlord has said they're not doing anything.
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Best answer: I'd rent a steam cleaner for the carpets, a regular vacuum won't get everything out.
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We rented a steam cleaner from the grocery store, which was more than sufficient, and worth the money to save our pet deposit.
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Best answer: Get some air circulation going. Open up all the windows, or run an air filter overnight. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure to wipe down the blades.
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Best answer: Make sure to change the air filters for the heating/air conditioner. You can get special ones for people with allergies which may help.
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Best answer: If the carpet needs to be cleaned, a professional will do it a lot better than a rental DIY unit.
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Stanley Steemer really does a great job and they are having a 99 dollar special. I think
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Best answer: How allergic?

I'd clean the place starting at the top - like wiping the fan blades and working to the floor. I'd do dry first and then wet so vacuum with a good filtered vac and then maybe steam clean. After all that's done I'd change filters and run an air purifier to catch anything that that cleaning stirred up.
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Steam the carpets. Send Julie an email; she's brilliant at this kind of stuff. Also, for doing the between-tenant cleanup, you should get reimbursed for part of your deposit.
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