Recumbent exercise bike saddle sore?
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Recumbent exercise bike users: do you still get a sore butt?

I am wondering about the feasibility of strapping a laptop to a recumbent exercise bike for extended laptop sessions. However a run on the recumbent exercise bikes at my gym left my butt sore enough to kill the idea. Think a really long car ride without getting out of your seat. I think this soreness was expedited in developing because the feet on the pedals kind of presses you into the seat.
Is it possible to use one of these bikes without getting a sore butt if you are prone to that kind of thing?
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I use a recumbent non-exercise bike and my only problem has been a sweaty back.
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I own a recumbent exercise bike and my ass goes numb every time after about 22 minutes. I have tried moving seat up and moving seat back. I have tried changing how tight the toe clips are. None worked. However, I have often decided to ride through it and it can be done for a long time if you don't mind a numb ass (and sometimes balls). Usually goes away after about 10 minutes of not riding.
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If you're riding an exercise bike with your laptop going, you're neither biking nor laptop-ing vigorously enough... in my opinion.

Also, yes to the numb/sore butt.
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What do you mean by "sore"?

I ride a semi-recumbent and do not get a sore bum, in the 'drive ass' sense you describe in your question. However, I do feel that my glutes are working when I'm pushing up a hill (which makes sense because it's a similar motion to leg press). This isn't a bad kind of sore: it means you're doing exercise and you're going to have really awesome glutes.
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Yeah, they make my butt uncomfortable. I stopped using them and went with the elliptical.
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slightly, and getting up isn't easy but I've found it passes quickly enough. Due to myriad leg injures, I'm limited to recumbent bike at the moment and make best of it. It may be annoying but will not hurt you.
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