I want to make an External HDD a NAS and a DAS. But How?
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Is there any way I can connect my External USB hard drive to my PS3 non-wirelessly while still sharing it wirelessly with other devices (iPad, iPod and other PCs in my house) using an Airport Extreme and a 4 port USB hub? I have a gut feeling that there must be a way to do this but I can't actually work out a real world way to do this. I accept I may potentially need to buy a new cable or two but I can live with that. Any ideas?

What I want to be able to do is have the External Hard Drive serve the PS3 with media like a DAS, so that I don't have to fool around with programs like PS3 Media Server and so that I don't get any lagging over the wireless network. However I nonetheless do want to be able to access that same hard drive wirelessly from my iPad (using Air Video Server) like a NAS and to be able to access the hard drive wirelessly via my PC.

Yes, basically I want my cake and to be able to eat it too.

Essentially what I'm envisaging is something like this, but where the plan falls apart is the USB connection between the Hub and the PS3. I don't believe there's a cable that exists that would let me do this, and if there is, I haven't found it. Is there another solution I haven't consdered? Some magic cable I could buy that could make this work? Or is what I'm proposing basically impossible?
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There is a thing called a USB Sharing Hub, that supposedly does that.

I've no experience with it though, and somewhat dubious.
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Oh, no, that diagram isn't gonna work.

The problem is that the HDD can only be attached to one host device at a time. It can only have one host. Hooking two hosts together, through a hub, ain't gonna work either. If it's gonna be on the PS3, the airport stuff is not going to see it.

What you need is a NAS server that runs on the Playstation. But, that probably doesn't exist, unless you have a PS3 they haven't updated to kill linux.
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Ahhh... the thing I liked to required you to choose which host (computer) is currently using which device. Not simultaneous.
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No you can't do that, unless you can somehow get the ps3 to serve the files from the external hard disk.
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PS3 should support Samba. That would be awesome.

I also want what you want, but I've given up. I've now plugged a Mac Mini (with Debian Linux) directly into my hub (so only 1 wireless hop, instead of 2), and attempting to get MediaTomb to serve the AVI's to the ps3. I also plan to use rTorrent and wTorrent to give me a comprehensive solution.

Not an easy solution, but ultimately (I hope!) a good solution.
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Is there something like a USB splitter? For example, a cable that runs out of the back of the hard drive and then splits into ends, so I could plug one into the PS3 and one into the Airport Extreme?
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No, there isn't, and even if there was, it wouldn't work. Netzapper said "The problem is that the HDD can only be attached to one host device at a time" - and he's correct. USB does not and cannot support multiple host devices.
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