Mid-Atlantic lakeshore campsite recommendations?
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Does anyone have any recommendations for fall car-camping spots on a lake in the mid-Atlantic/northeast region? Bonus points for dark sky areas.

I'm planning a car-camping trip in late September. Here's what I'd like ideally in a campsite:
- Not too far (4-5hours) from NYC/NJ (VA, MD, PA, DE, NJ, NY, CT, MA?)
- MUST be able to drive onto the lakeshore and set up camp there.
- Would like to be far enough away from a city to avoid light pollution.
- Getting the truck a little dirty to get there wouldn't be a bad thing.

Ammenities (shower, running water, would be nice, but are not required). Specific names of campsites would be very helpful. Thanks!
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There aren't too many places in the eastern US that don't have light pollution. The Monongahela National Forest in WV was the first thing to come to mind but it's 6 hours away from NYC.
Seneca rocks is pretty awesome and is in that forest. They have a lot of little rivers all over the place. Plenty of fishing, hiking, campgrounds. Great climbing there to if you want to hook up with a guide and give that a try.

There are plenty of places that have low light pollution though. Here's a cool map for checking that.
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Locust Lake and Rickett's Glen State Parks in Pennsylvania both have lakeside camping. Rickett's Glen would be your better bet for dark skies.
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There are a couple of recommendations in my old question about camping in the Shenandoah area. We camped here - which was riverside, not lakeside. But still on the water.
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The Berkshires in MA, or anywhere in Western or Northeastern CT. I can't recommend specific parks, but there are many, and those are not light-polluted areas.
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High Point State Park, situated in the northwest corner of New Jersey. It's only one of several places you should go. Car camping lakeside, it abuts the AT, the trails range from easy to somewhat challenging, and the fall foliage is terrific.
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Promised Land State Park in PA is WONDERFUL, and have an entire peninsula upon which to camp. Penn-Roosevelt State Park (also PA) is the most secluded park I've ever visited - when you turn off the lights at night, the moon forms all these little silvery-white pools on the inky black ground and it is eerily beautiful.
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