How to get Windows Live Mail to send my email?
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I am using Windows 7, my Windows Live Mail acts fine until I have been on it a few minutes and then I cannot get it to send my Outbox mail and when I try to sync it I get error message "internet not connected" - if I disconnect from internet and reconnect my Outbox sends it then. How can I get it to stay connected or wake up to send and receive emails?
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Do the connection issues extend outside the email issue? For example, if you opened a web browser at the same time the error occured could you perform a google search?
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Also, what kind of connection are you using? (Dial-up, DSL, Cable....Wireless, to modem, through a router...etc)
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How often is it set to check for messages? (Tools/Options/General) A shorter time might keep the connection alive.
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In kind of a hacker way, the resolution to your problem would be to take the eMail program off line - lower right corner I think you'll see a box that says "connected" with an arrow head. Click on that and select "Work Offline" Wait while it disengages itself and indicates it's offline. Click it again and uncheck "Work Offline" and your mail will get sent.
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