Does salary requirement have to be in its own document?
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A job ad says: "To apply for this opportunity, please submit a cover letter, salary requirements and resume online to [EMPLOYER]. [EMPLOYER] must receive all information requested in order to consider your candidacy. Could they possibly be expecting the salary requirement to be in its own document? Or can it be included in the cover letter? I am concerned about getting immediately screened out if I don't have a separate salary document.
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Not an HR person, but have been involved in much hiring. I'd submit that inclusion in the cover letter is sufficient -- I've never seen a separate salary requirement document.
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I agree, with liquado, make sure that your cover letter includes the information they are asking for, and, would you want to work for a company so anal that they prioritized format over content?
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you include it near the bottom of your cover letter, in a separate blurb, worded something like this: Regarding your request for my salary requirements, I am seeking mid- to high-?0's.
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I would guess that they're trying to weed out people by making them jump through a few hoops. Nothing wrong with that really. Just make sure they get it and you should be fine.
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It should be included in the cover letter.


"As requested, my salary requirement is..."
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Include in both
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I am concerned about getting immediately screened out if I don't have a separate salary document.

Then have one.

Having one won't preclude putting that information in the cover letter too.
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Have a clear, separate paragraph near the end of your cover letter. I've done it like this:
Dear Hiring Director:

[main substance]

My salary requirements are in the range of $50,000 to $60,000, though I am open to negotiation concerning salary.


John Doe
I've seen a format for giving a "salary history" as a separate document. (Google.) But they don't say you have to do that. You could call or email and ask.
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I have put salary requirements in a separate document as requested. I believe this is specifically done because the same people who are doing the interviews (and would therefore see your cover letter) would not be the same people who would have anything to do with deciding salary.

However, this has always been made abundantly clear to me when this needed to happen.

(I've also seen copies of my cover letter that did contain salary requirements with those parts blacked out like they were redacted top secret documents.)

In your situation, I would probably just include it in your cover letter. As has been suggested, at this point, for even the most high-end of jobs, they are really just seeing if you followed directions well. So don't ignore the salary requirements but you don't need to put them in a separate doc, unless it makes you feel better.
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