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I am looking for a small square rug to place under our breakfast table, and I need to find it fast in Austin, TX. Where in Austin should I look for such rugs?

I have looked at a few places (Worldmarket, lowes, kohls, costco) but nobody seems to carry square rugs. I need a 5 ft x 5 ft square rug. Something simple or transitional or even just plain, but not too expensive. And I need to get it by tomorrow as we have guests coming over the weekend. Where might I find one? Any recommendations in Austin are much appreciated.
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A good rug can really tie a room together. Ikea's site shows an Ikea in Round Rock, right outside of Austin. They have a bunch of square rugs, not sure which are in stock in the Ikea near you. Also, Pier 1 usually has sq rugs.
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Have you tried the IKEA up in Round Rock? Does Target have square rugs? I would also look in Wal-Mart if I was desperate.
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This is probably higher than you'd like to spend, but how about these guys or these guys? At the very least, you should call them and see what they have in stock, and ask if they know anyone else who would have such a thing.

I don't think people can do carpet binding in such a short time, but you might just buy a remnant and have it bound. (Or, you know, don't! Just trim the edges neatly. Ours was fine like that for years.)

Can you do a 5'x8' (maybe even rolling up the edge against a wall), at least temporarily? That's a more standard size.
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OH! I just had an awesome thought. Modular carpet tiles! This place sells Flor, which has tiles that are 19.7" square. So nine tiles would be perfect, and they start at something like $5 apiece, so... $45 and up?

Other places might sell other brands.
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I was going to suggest Ikea also, but if you can find Flor tiles locally, that'll be super easy and attractive.
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I love for rugs, actually...
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I love for rugs, actually...
They need it by tomorrow, but that's not a bad idea if they have not too terribly expensive next day delivery....saves you the trouble of driving all over the damn place.

Also consider round rugs. Round and square shapes work together like rectangle and oval do.
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I would recommend Ikea if you're willing to spend up to a few hundred bucks and don't mind driving all the way out there. You can also pick up your favorite Scandinavian food delicacies. Target is good, too, if you shop there.

A good rug can really tie a room together. I really hope that was a Lebowski reference. ;-)
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Thanks everyone for the great ideas! We have browsed at the Round Rock Ikea before but did not remember seeing any square rugs there that were this small ( I have to admit I wasn't looking specifically for it at that time). The FLOR idea seems wonderful if it works out. I will post back if we find something that works. Meanwhile please post if you have any other ideas. Thanks again!
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A good rug can really tie a room together. I really hope that was a Lebowski reference. ;-)

Yes it was ;)
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We checked with NEST for the FLOR tiles, but they said that would take 12 days; other places can also cut a rug to size, but that would take a few days as well. So we decided on no rug for this weekend. New house... too many things to do anyway. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions. I liked the Lebowski reference as well :)
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