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Where can I find California state laws regarding driving a vehicle in reverse?

We were hit last night by a vehicle driving a relatively long distance in reverse. It seemed to be the major contributing factor to the accident. I'm interested in any laws, regarding driving backwards, that would be applicable. Official documentation would be helpful, as I can't seem to find anything. Thanks.
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Try just looking for reckless or careless driving. There's probably a lot of leeway, and going in reverse any farther than out of one's driveway will probably be seen as reckless/careless by insurance companies, juries and so on.
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Have you looked at the DMV's website?
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Best answer: From the DMV website, you want Vehicle Code 22106: Starting or backing when unsafe.
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Best answer: It's worth noting that the term "highway" as used in California state vehicle code does not conform to common usage: it means basically any public street.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the feedback.
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