Which scoot to buy, Aprilia or Lance?
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What scooter to choose, a 2004 Aprilia Mojito Custom 150 for $2000, or a 2010 Lance Cali Classic 125 for $1500?

I have narrowed my scooter search down to two, one I have seen in-person and the other I see in-person on Saturday. What can you guys tell me about the scoots? I also want to bounce my pros/cons list off some people and see what they think.

I need the scoot to have a top case on it, whether it has one installed already or I purchase one for it. This will be my sole mode of transportation for commuting around Glendale Arizona.

The first bike, the one I’ve seen, is a 2004 Aprilia Mojito Custom 150 Scooter going for $2000.

-owner added Aprilia factory top rack
-owner added Aprilia factory top case
-seat reupholstered in leather
-Vespa engine, tons of mechanics will work on
-at 5,500 miles was serviced and had: all fluids changed, drive belt changed, carb adjusted, new back tire (fatboy)

-2004 a bit old
-7,300 miles on it
-has some very minor scrapes
-left decal was taken off
-right muffler is missing a clip and is a little loose

The second bike, the one I’ve yet to see, is a 2010 Lance Cali Classic 125 and is going for $1500 (however as I have yet to meet the seller I have not had the opportunity to negotiate the asking price). As I’ve yet to see the bike I don’t have much I can place in the pros/cons over what I got from the ad.

-only 300 miles
-2010 , brand new
-built by SYM

-only one shop a bit far from me will work on (I believe) as it is built by SYM
-top rack will need to be installed
-top case will need to be installed
-I like the look of the Aprilia more, this scoot has a different color seat then rest of bike

So what can you guys tell me?
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There are a million Mojitos in London so I suppose they can't be entirely terrible. I wouldn't worry about the age or mileage on it too much. 5,500 is not very far at all really. No idea at all about the other one but lack of extras that you actually want and lack of convenient dealerships is a bit of a turn off even if in the long term it's probably a bit irrelevant.
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I think of this rather like buying a used BMW or a new Hyundai. Anyway, the key factor for me is the ready availability of mechanics for the Aprilla. Scoots do require more frequent attention than cars and unless you enjoy a bit of DIY, I'd tend towards a brand with broader support.
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Get the newer one for cheaper...it will be easier to sell.

I'm not sure about that. Aprilla has a lot better name recognition and reputation than does SYM at this point; if that continues, or SYM pulls back out of the US market, it's value won't hold up well.

Personally I'd buy the one that rides better, feels tighter, and is being sold at a price that you could turn around a week later and sell it without losing money. My guess is that that means the SYM, but without seeing them in person and riding them around the block, I don't know.

Top cases can be found cheap (buy a generic one from a place like JC Whitney or find one used), so I wouldn't make that a big factor in the purchase. And most scooters are pretty generic (same kinds of mechanicals, no special tools or expertise needed) so you can probably get work done at any shop, not just the dealer.
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We've been through two scooters at the MoonPie household. Availability of maintenance facilities was a huge issue, one that meant we had to simply take a loss on the first one, an off brand, because we couldn't find anyone to work on it--we had it hauled away by AMVETS or some such.
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Ask Dr. Buzz!
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