Where to find a high quality version of the OLD Venezuelan flag to buy?
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Where to find a high quality version of the OLD Venezuelan flag to buy?

The Venezuelan flag was changed about 4 years ago to this version
This is not what I want!

What I would like is a site where I can buy at least a 3'x5' version of the OLD flag

When it comes to flag sales, it seems like there's a bunch of really terrible sites that just want to peddle the flag...this normally would be ok, but since I'm looking for something a little outside of what they are selling, it's hard to wade through the noise. Does anyone have a good resource for this? I'd appreciate it. Sites that have both larger and smaller versions of this flag and others would be a plus as well, but this flag is the core one I'm looking for.

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Best answer: http://cgi.ebay.com/3X5-VENEZUELA-FLAG-VENEZUELAN-FLAGS-NEW-BANNER-F410-/190318625649?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0

Search ebay for Venezuela flag. There's a few 3x5 size of the old version.
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