Help me design and decorate a retro dining space!
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Help me find a high table, solid high chairs, and assorted furnishings for my retro kitchen table / sidebar nook in San Francisco!

I'm in S.F., just moved into my new place, and have a *small* kitchen nook -- about 80" x 55" in a corner space,bordered by two walls and a bar-height granite-topped sidebar. It has white walls and a B&W checkerboard tile floor. I have temporarily put a large, square cardtable in the space -- about 1 yd. square -- but it's too large to use effectively on all sides, and a pain to get around.

I''m ideally looking for a *small* table to go in this space... large enough to seat two people for dinner. I've thought about it being bar-height, as I plan on buying two bar stools already for the reverse side of the sidebar, allowing me to seat four people for dinner, two at the table, two at the sidebar. It would also be nice to be able to pull all four barseats to the sidebar, two on each side, for cocktails. That said, I also kind of like the idea of diners with red faux-leather seats against the wall and a table in the middle too, though I don't know if that kind of feel would really work in this kind of space, in part due to space, in part due to some people being on barstools, while others are sitting down low.

In addition to the table, I'm also looking for very comfortable bar-height seats, ideally with some amount of back support to them. They have to strong and sturdy for larger guests... comfortable enough to sit down at for hours.

My goal is to create a kind of upscale retro, diner-y feel to the space, so I'm also interested in recommendations on other things that might work particularly well with this design, from napkin dispensers, to salt and pepper shakers, to lighting, etc.

Oh... and I would prefer not spending a ton of money, unless I'm getting something particularly exceptional. I'd welcome not only links to particular tables, seats, and accessories available online, but also recommendations on which places in or near San Francisco might have what I'm looking for at a reasonable price. I was thinking that there might also be places -- either online or locally -- which specialize in used bar and restaurant furniture/furnishings. I'd ideally like to be able to do something special, sharp, and non-generic with the little space, ideally on something approaching an Ikea budget... but like I said, if it's something exceptional, I'm willing to spend more.
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Might help to quantify the "ton of money" you'd prefer not to spend.
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"Might help to quantify the "ton of money" you'd prefer not to spend."

As I said, ideally, an Ikea budget. Which is to say, about $80 per barstool, and maybe about $200 for a table... unless there's something exceptional.
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note sure what your price range is.
I've seen some awesome retro bar tables/chairs but they're about $500-1000.

These are all under $300, I believe:

comes in red or black

maybe this

or this

just a table


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