How can I order this NASA photo?
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How can I get a copy of this NASA photo? It's a picture of the cast of Star Trek with the Space Shuttle Enterprise, number 50 in this Air & Space article of the top 50 NASA photos.

The NASA website hosts the image here, but I can't find guidelines for ordering it.
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Best answer: According to the copyright notice linked from here there is no copyright on the image. You could just upload it to your photo-printing site of choice and have them make a print. The digital file you can just download.
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Do you mean you want to order a physical copy of it? If the image is a high enough resolution maybe you could save a digital copy of it and print it on photo paper yourself, or have it done professionally by someone. That is assuming you can't find a way to order it directly from the site. Then you'd just need to frame it and you've got a professional looking photograph for yourself
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Response by poster: Thank you for finding the copyright info! Yes, I want to order a physical copy of it. I am not knowledgeable enough to know whether the high resolution files on the site are good enough to make a decent copy if I order one myself.
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I can't tell you how to order it from NASA, but you should be able to take the highest resolution copy you can find (wikipedia has this 3000x2610 copy and NASA hosts the same size image with a little less compression here) into a print shop and have them print a copy. As it is an image made by a US government agency, it is in the public domain.
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Best answer: I can recommend for this. Download the highest res copy of the photo you can find, then upload to their site. The site itself is pretty basic but their printing service is terrific, speedy and very reasonable.

(I had them print a photo of a poster that cannot be bought for less than several grand, but now it hangs on my wall for a few sawbucks.)
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That image is basically a 6 megapixel image, so it will print fine.
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