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I need a map to some maps: What is the name of the collection/series of beautiful maps of New York City, over time, and where might I find it?

I am looking for a publication that has a series of different poster sized maps through the history of New York City. It is a rather large book, I think maybe 2' x 1', and I can't remember but I do not think it is bound - that is, the maps pull out.

The maps seem to be included for aesthetic rather than thematic reasons. They are all in color; they go back in to the 19th century (maybe earlier) and some are subway maps, some are painted, some show just Manhattan, others the entire city. I think there were at least a dozen different maps, all poster size.

I believe it was recently published, as I saw it - and then forgot to note the name - on a prominent display in a bookstore less than a year ago.
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This one? I have it, and it's lovely.
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Mapping New York?
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Neither of these awesome suggestions are exactly it, but wow, I like it. Anyone else have any ideas - now I am strongly thinking the posters are removable...
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Historic Maps and View of New York?
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Yes! Metafilter rules...
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