Where can I find great new crime or mystery short fiction?
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I want to read new crime fiction and/or mystery short stories. Where should I look?

What are some great (or good, or even merely decent) websites or print periodicals that publish new crime fiction / mystery short stories? I'm aware of (the sadly-defunct, apparently) Thuglit, and of course Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, but don't really know what else is out there. For what it's worth, I have a pretty strong preference for the hard-boiled over the mannered whodunit.
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I consult the local independent mystery bookstore's newsletters and staff picks at I Love A Mystery, as well as Stop You're Killing Me!

Neither of these sites is very sophisticated, as an FYI.
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Plots with Guns And I'm not just saying that because they've accepted one of my stories. Anthony Neil Smith who runs the site publishes some great stuff.
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Also, Crimefactory (full disclosure: They're also publishing a story I wrote in one of the next few issues). Then there's Beat to a Pulp and and A Twist of Noir. And if you want to listen to a Podcast there's Crimewav. (Full disclosure again: I have a reprinted story from a now defunct publication somewhere on A Twist of Noir, and I've recorded a story for Crimewav, which is available, but I'm not gonna self link.) Anyway, crime fiction on the Web isn't dead.
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Forgot the link for Beat to a Pulp.
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For print check out Out of the Gutter, who just published a collection of the best stories from their first three issues called The Baddest of the Bad. Also, you're familiar with Thug Lit, but do you have the three anthologies, which have best-of stuff as well as new stories from some top guys (including the late Eddie Bunker in the last one)?

(disclaimer: yeah, i'm pimping stuff I'm in).

Also, check out the blog Hardboiled Wonderland, by the talented writer Jed Ayres. He's far more plugged in to the scene than I am these days.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Some great resources here, and some that will lead to more great resources. Much appreciated!
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