Looking for last-minute Oktoberfest accommodations. Where do we stay?
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Looking for last-minute Oktoberfest accommodations. Where do we stay?

I'm thinking of going to Oktoberfest from 9/18 to 9/25, but I'm having trouble finding accommodations that aren't overpriced. Any suggestions on where to stay? I'm fine with staying a bit outside the city, as long as it's easy to get in via train. We're 4 people.

Any thoughts?
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Everywhere here raises there prices for those three weeks. You're not going to avoid that. So define overpriced. What's your budget?
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When I went there we solved this issue by camping. The campground wasn't far from the festival, there was a good atmosphere, and they had special buses to take you to and from the grounds.

Not sure if you would consider that, just throwing it out there.
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Response by poster: caek: I'm hoping to be under $150 per night per double room.

I was looking at Augsburg nearby, and hotels there can be had for as low as $115, and we could use the Bayern Ticket or Schönes Wochenende Ticket to get to and from Munich fairly cheaply, so that might be an option.
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Is this your first Oktoberfest? You're probably not going to want to spend the whole week there. Spend 3 days at the fest, then spend the rest of the time outside of Munich doing cheaper things. We actually had a better time at the beer garden in the Englischer Garten than at the actual Oktoberfest, but then again, fighting with massive crowds for non-existant seats wears me down pretty fast.
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And I forgot to bring up my main point, if you stay for fewer days and want to go for a pricier hotel, see if there are any cancellations at Hotel Uhland. Super close and incredibly fancy.
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Damn no edit window. Not fancy. Incredibly friendly.
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I had the same problem a few years ago.

I downloaded google earth and located hotels close to train line going into town. I found the Hotel Seehof in Starnberg that had very affordable rates compared to anything else I could find in Munich. The bonus was that Starnberg is very beautiful and closer to the castles in Hohenschwangau. We rented a car for the day and made a nice day trip out of it.
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Response by poster: Sorry for not keeping up with things here--we ended up finding an apartment in Starnberg for a pretty reasonable price. Thanks for your help!
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