What should I ask before buying this apartment?
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About to buy my first apartment and I'm totally new to this. Does any seasoned house/apartment-buyer have any good questions for a real-estate agent?

So, I'm just tying up my studies here and instead of paying rent to someone else (I'm probably paying my flatmate's mortgage!), it seems like a good idea to get my own place.

Made some appointments here (in Amsterdam FWIW) and off to see the first potential apartment tomorrow.

I know there are tons of lists online (this one being one of the better ones), but I'm looking for any special insight that any of you guys may have -- something a newbie like me might easily overlook.

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One thing you'd want to know about before buying is "what are the quarterly / annual rates for upkeep of the building?" (the shared areas)

These can often run to thousands of dollars a year, just to keep the elevators serviced, garden areas maintained, graffiti removed, hallway carpets cleaned, etc etc etc.

As a general principle, the fancier the building appears to outsiders (eg lobby, gardens, fountains) and the more amenities it has (eg pool, gym, elevators) the more you will pay.
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You might look into planned future public transportation developments near the places that you're considering. If metro line 52 (the north/south line) will have a stop near your place, its value could rise in the future. But if they build a new tram line or bus stop nearby, you might experience more noise than you did before.

Be sure you buy a place that you can afford even if the government reduces or abolishes the mortgage tax relief for homeowners.
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