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Affordable reproduction of Wyeth's Northern Point?

Some time ago I was in Hartford, CT on a trip and visited the Wadsworth Atheneum museum. In their collection is a small painting by Andrew Wyeth called Northern Point, which I've since sporadically tried to find reproduced in print or poster form. The only thing I've found is a $6500 limited edition collotype. Is there anything a little cheaper out there? I can find a copy of Christina's World for twenty bucks, but I can't find Northern Point on allposters or any similar sites. Hell, at this point I'd settle for a jpg large enough to print out and pin up somewhere.
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It looks like there's a 1956 Triton Press Portfolio edition, available here at the Chadd's Ford Gallery for $4500 (signed). That's... a little cheaper! You're right; I'm not seeing any others around, except the spots here and there where people mention how they found a print at Goodwill. Grr.

The original seems to be located at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT, so perhaps they could help you. Maybe if you pester them nicely they'll do a print for the gift shop :)
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According to their website, the museum has outsourced their reproduction rights to something called Art Resource, which (naturally) doesn't seem to list the painting on their site. Even if they did I'm not sure it would help me.
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It looks like people sometimes find it for less through sheer luck, but I don't see any other way to get one.

(Unless you think $795 is cheap? That's like 87% off the original price....)
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Long shot: the Portland Museum of Art (Maine) has a current exhibit of original works on paper from the Wadsworth Atheneum. Given the local fascination with Wyeth, perhaps this is one of them and they had a show poster made. It's worth a call. The staff there is very helpful. Here's a link to the exhibit description, which includes Wyeth.
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