How to password protect a linked file?
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I need to send an MP3 music file to a number of email addresses. I want to do this by directing people to a download on a web link, rather than emailing the (large) file direct. I also want to be able to password-protect the file in that link (either the file or the link), so the music doesn't get passed around beyond the list of recipients. Does anyone know of any good resources for this? Thanks, oh wise ones.
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You can sign up for Drop Box and get 2GB of online storage for free. You can then send a file link to your friends. They can't access the folder, but they can download the MP#.
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YouSendIt? You'll need to zip up the mp3 to get password protection though.
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After a recipient has the MP3, password or not, what stops them from distributing the file? Is that a concern?
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Seconding jangie. Once you send it out it will get passed around.
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Best answer:
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Be careful if you password protect the file itself as it may be tedious or impossible to open on all platforms. I think the last time I tried to open password protected zip, sent by a Windows user, on Mac OS X I was unable to; there was probably a way to do it but I didn't bother to figure it out. Rar files are another common way people share files but may require a third-party program to open which many users won't be willing to install or won't be able to figure out.

I'll second, put a password on it, and let it go at that. Yes, people could send the password to others, but they could also send the mp3 itself once they've downloaded it or unencrypted the file.

Another solution might be setting up some kind of stream where they can listen online but not (easily) download the file. Of course the user could still record the sound on their computer during playback if they were motivated enough. There isn't a 100% solution.
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Seconding Incredibly slick, a pleasure to use.
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I'm a big fan of YouSendIt, myself. No need to zip the mp3, though. And, yeah, jangie's right...Once the mp3 is in the recipients' hands, it will be passed around. No way around that fact o' life, I'm afraid.

Oh, and, FWIW, you can open password-protected zip files on OS X using the free Stuffit Expander. Yes, they still make Expander. Go figure.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Good point about not being able to prevent file being shared once it's out. I'd like to control the initial distribution, at least. Sounds like is the way ahead.
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