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What's a cool gift my wife -- the Maid of Honor -- can give the Bride on her Wedding Day?

This gift would be in addition to the usual 'off the registry' gift that would be from the both of us.

Bonus: if you don't have a specific idea but know of a shop in Los Angeles that might spark some ideas, let us know! We're sort of drawing blanks.

Thanks all!
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Can you give us a little more direction as to what the Bridge is like/what the Bride is into?
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What is the bride into?
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Put together a snapfish/shutterfly book that tells either the story of their friendship, or the story of the bride and groom, or, somehow, both.
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You're probably looking for something way more meaningful than this, but my bridesmaids put a little basket together for me that I was SO thankful for. Mints, trail mix, Kleenex, safety pins, a tiny brush, Band-Aids, tampons (didn't need them, thankfully), Q-Tips, that sort of thing.

Thinking back, things I also would have loved: light reading material, like an Entertainment Weekly, a chick lit book or a Games Magazine; a small mirror (if one wasn't in a compact at hand); maybe some hand sanitizer (you never know if you'll be able to wash your hands in a bathroom before the reception :P), a small fan; some water or Vitamin Water (possibly with a crazy straw! that would be awesome!); extra (or more comfortable) earrings in case the fancy ones poke you...

And then you can put in some goofy things, like candy (ooh, Smarties bracelets and Ring Pops!), a sweet note, some stuff about your inside jokes that only you share, and more.

Huh. Today would have been my eighth wedding anniversary.
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My MOH kept mixing me weak rum & diet cokes and playing cards with me while I waited for my parents to get to the chapel (45 min. late, sightseeing). IDK if that qualifies as a "gift," but it was exactly what I needed at the time.
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I was in a wedding recently where the personal attendant had each of the bride's friends write a little note to her, to be opened throughout the day as she got ready for the wedding ceremony. This girl bought cute stationery for everyone to write on, wrangled all the note-writers into doing it, and then handed out notes to the bride throughout the day as she at breakfast with the girls, got her hair done, climbed into her dress, waited anxiously in the back room of the chapel, etc. I think it was really sweet. Limit it to maybe 6 really close people (bridesmaids + mom?), or there won't be enough time to go through all the notes before the ceremony. We ran into this problem, and I think the PA just gave the remainder to the bride to read at a later date.
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My friend takes lots of pictures and we have known each other since highschool. For her wedding, she gave the bridesmaids snapfish albums with pictures of all of the things we have done together over the years. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

For another friend that got married recently, we bought her a charm bracelet and each bridesmaid gave her a charm that signified something special about our relationship.

Whatever she decides on, a letter about how much her friend means to her, and how happy she is for the couple, is a wonderful gift. A friend slipped mine into my honeymoon suitcase during my wedding, and it was wonderful.
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Oh two more!

My sister-in-law is getting married and her maid of honor got her:
- something old: an antique mirror compact found on etsy.
- something new: the shoes that she will wear in the wedding.
- something borrowed: a piece of her mother's jewelry that she had re-set.
- something blue: an embroidered tag for inside her dress with her initials, her fianceƩ's initials and the wedding date.
She gave it to her at the wedding shower and all the ladies cried.

And when I got married, 3 of my bridesmaids had been shopping with me a few months before the wedding. We went into Tiffany's and there was a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that I wanted to wear on my wedding day, but I didn't buy them because they were too expensive. My bridesmaids went back and bought them and gave them to me at my shower.
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Not sure if your wife is looking for something for the bride to wear on her wedding day, or just a personal gift to be given on the day, but she may like something from this etsy seller. Basically, jewellery made from maps, and the buyer can select the place shown. Could get a pendant, earrings, or bracelet, with place(s) that have been important to your wife and the bride, or the bride and her new husband. I've ordered once from this seller, and been very happy with the item.
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