Texas Contract Lawyer Needed
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Looking for a trade secrets/non-compete contract lawyer in Austin, TX for a consultation. How can I find one, and what should I expect to pay?

On Friday, my company asked us to sign an updated trade secrets agreement, which includes a non-compete clause.

The scope of the non-compete far extends the one I signed 3 years ago when I was hired, as it now includes all of our affiliated companies.

Although no threats have been made, the company is pressuring us to sign by tonight. Clearly, I'm not going to make that deadline, but the sooner I can talk to somebody the better.
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How can I find one

Martindale is one way. You can search for attorneys in your area that handle covenants not to compete, trade secrets, etc. Another is the Texas Bar attorney search. Another method would be to call up a large, 'full service' firm that has an Austin office, but you'll pay more.

what should I expect to pay?

Depends on what you want the attorney to do. To review the contract and say what it covers? Probably a few hundred dollars.
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I worked with Matt Hill on similar issues several years ago an thought he was fantastic. Very reasonable rates and no nonsense. Helped me in an emergency. Email me (jakewalker at gmail) if you want more info.
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Matt Hill out of Dallas, I should say. I'm on a slow connection at the beach but some googling should find him.
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Check your messages.
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