How do I eliminate audio interference on a 5.8GHz network?
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I'm getting tons of audio interference from my 5.8GHz audio transmitters and I've tried everything I can think of - does anyone have experience with this?

I purchased an Amphony 5.8GHz Digital Wireless Audio Tx/Rx and installed it recently for my rear surround speakers. The Tx and Rx are approximately 10 feet apart and have an unobstructed connection. It worked great for awhile, but today for some reason it is doing a series of 4 electric "ticks," followed by one shorter one. This pattern repeats consistently every 14 seconds. I've changed the power sources on both the Tx and Rx, and I have unplugged everything else that is creating a signal in the house (cellphones, wireless routers, etc.)

Does anyone have any suggestions I may not have thought of?
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It could be a neighbor with a cordless phone, they use the same frequency.
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Do you by chance have a "smart" power company meter?
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Response by poster: No "smart" power company meter, and since I live in a house rather than an apartment I doubt it could be my neighbors - at least I seriously hope not as the closest one is at least 100 feet away!

What's strange to me is that this started TODAY - I've had this system for over 2 months with no constant problems like this.
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turn off the transmitter portion (or at least unplug it from the source) and see if the speakers still tick...?
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Try removing the rx/tx from the loop completely and see if the speakers still tick just to make sure something didn't happen to them. It could be a problem with the amplifier in the receiver as well, I had a set of speakers that did a similar thing. Turned out to be the amplifier.

Also, check to make sure any power wires don't run parallel to the speaker wire as that can cause interference as well.
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Response by poster: It's definitely something with the transmitter - with it off there's no issues. Also, with the audio system off but the transmitter on I still get interference.

I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the heatwave here in the Los Angeles area. It only seems to happen from around 2pm-6pm...maybe the power grid is so overtaxed that it's sending less current...seems crazy but I don't really know what I'm talking about.
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